Emotional Freedom Technique, or 'EFT' for short, is a combination of Western psychotherapy and ancient Eastern wisdom.

Gary Craig, a student of Dr Callahan, had applied the original method in the 1990’s and created a single round of tapping on the meridian end points of which he then termed EFT.

Gary Craig’s engineering background and logical thinking enabled him to approach this amazingly powerful technique in a more user-friendly, simplified way.

Gary Craig’s modifications and the resulting layman’s language and accessible technique has allowed the practice of EFT to easily spread far and wide in a relatively short time. EFT is now taught and practiced globally.

Over the last 6 years in professional practice, Melinda Deans-Draper has developed a powerful mode of tapping she calls ‘Inspired EFT’. Melinda's unique methods arose from the application of additional and specialised modalities such as guided meditation, teaching, counselling and mindfulness.

Melinda Deans-Draper,
Counsellor and Facilitator