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Please check that pricing is still accurate and if I remember correctly you said that dates and times of year that these were run couldn’t be added. I just used the term regularly.

At Inspired EFT we run workshops regularly on EFT and tapping. (check with Melinda if its workshop or course). You will gain in depth understanding on the subject and you receive a certificate at the successful completion of each level. Check out our great range of workshops below:

EFT Workshops- Level 1, 2, 3

Level 1 – introduction to all three modalities with a focus on learning and practising tapping.

For: participants to learn the basics and support and assist themselves through life’s challenges and to create every day practices to reinforce learning.

Level 2 – all modalities are focused on with some energy psychology techniques to support and enhance tapping. More points are demonstrated. The power and workings of the mind, including sub-conscious and conscious mind is discussed. Getting the results we want in life is looked at in depth.

For:  practitioners of all persuasions to learn how to assist their clients/patients to relieve their anxiety, stress and pain. It will enable you to create greater & faster results.

Level 3 -  This can only be taken after six months and focused tapping sessions have been practised. Melinda (Founder) will bring together all that has been learnt and add another layer of wisdom and growth to your learnt training.  Note - Level 3 is the entry level for the Facilitators training.

 For:  advance practitioners giving them further and in depth techniques and information to enable them to work with a wider reach of issues and people.

 How are Workshops Run?

Our workshops are highly flexible and tailored to fit with your own life-work commitments and can be taken:

  • In person

  • Skype

  • Zoom

 Our Instructors

What institutions are the facilitators linked to? Important to mention here just in a few sentences. Remember that trust factor and credibility.

 All workshops are run by our in-house facilitators who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience along with their own flair and personal touch. You can rest assured that you will be learning from the best in the industry. All facilitators are fully credited with ??????????


What is the Cost?

Prices for our workshops are as follows:

Level 1 - $250 – one-day workshop

Level 2 - $290 – two-day workshop

Level 3  - $350 - three-day workshop

Would you consider adding an online payment system for these workshops. If so pop up box where customer enters their details should pop up here

Explore EFT on a deeper level and enrol in a workshop today. To get started just contact Melinda on 0407802420