Become a Facilitator of Inspired EFT Today!

After successfully completing the three levels of courses and practising for at least 6 months a practitioner can train to become a Facilitator of Inspired EFT. There are three main levels of Inspired EFT with which on completion of level 3 you will be certified and supported to work with clients using the techniques taught to you through the courses. There is even a level three for professionals in the health and mental health fields so that they are given a fast track and a stronger emphasis on their work with patients??

The Benefits of Being a Inspired EFT Facilitator

Being a facilitator of Inspired EFT will equip you with the following benefits:

  • Empowering your life and that of others with what you learn

  • Be part of a truly innovative and helpful holistic practice Consider having a pic here!

  • Be part of a great caring and nourishing team

  • Run your own programs and workshops

  • Having your own business (generating income)


Start your training today and become a facilitator. Find out more by contacting Melinda on 0407802420!