Mary's water phobia…

After an intense year of working with ‘Mary’, Dr Rodger Callahan (1925 – 2015), was stuck and questioning which way to go next to end the suffering and fear for which he was a witnessing his long term patient experience.

Dr Callahan, a pioneer and humanitarian, was passionate about helping people. He was a greatly respected psychologist but dissatisfied and frustrated by the results of talk therapy and other traditional therapies such as cognitive therapy, relaxation therapy, bio feedback and rational emotive therapy. So he embarked on what was to be a 30 year journey of developing and refining a more effective treatment for phobias, anxiety and trauma.

Mary’s water phobia was extensive and severe and not limited to large bodies of water but extended to showers, bathing her children, in fact facing any form of water was traumatic for her. She was plagued by nightmares.

Dr Callahan had made little progress with Mary when one day they were sitting in the garden when Mary mentioned she was felt nauseous when she looked over at the Dr’s pool, which was some distance away. On a whim, Dr Callahan suggested to Mary to tap with her two fingers on the meridian point below the eye (the stomach meridian). The doctors recalled that Mary had often described nausea as one of the symptoms of her phobia.

Mary followed the instructions and with their combined delight Mary’s nausea went and in turn her terror dissipated. Even when she walked to the very edge of the pool she felt fine. Her phobia simply disappeared within a couple of minutes of tapping, never to return. After forty years of suffering Mary was free. Dr Callahan was amazed and delighted at the result and continued to work with the meridian points and tapping.