The Tapping Points on your Body

What are the Tapping Points?

These are based on the Chinese meridians (energy points in the human body). Traditional Chinese medicine believes that energy otherwise known as Chi or Qi flows through your body through these points. Both acupressure and acupuncture is practised using these points.

Where are they Located?

Get empowered instantly and learn the tapping points on your body. You will have immediate access to bring about change in your emotional state. Study our diagram below to learn about the points.

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How Do I Tap on my Body?

Tapping is a nice and easy method that anyone learn to use. It’s gentle and requires no force so no harm can be done to your body. Just do the following steps to tap:

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How often Should I Tap?

There is no set timetable when it comes to tapping. Rather it’s based on your emotional state and ????????/ Our Facilitators generally recommended that when starting out you

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