History of EFT

EFT goes back to the 1990’s in America? when Gary Craig, a student of Dr Callahan an American practitioner???, created a single round of tapping on the meridian end points which he termed EFT. Craig wanted a powerful yet accessible technique that was simple and friendly to use to bring about change in one’s emotional state. His technique spread far and wide in a relatively short period of time. EFT is now taught and practised globally.


 Over the last 6 years in professional practice, Melinda Deans-Draper has developed a powerful mode of tapping she calls ‘Inspired EFT’. Melinda's unique methods are based on the application of additional and specialised modalities like guided meditation, teaching, counselling and mindfulness.

Energy Psychology and EFT

Inspired EFT is the pinnacle of Energy Psychology.  This is a branch of holistic psychology that deals with the mind-body connection for improving and understanding human functioning. After 27 years of practising EFT we have created a focus on the following three methods:

-          EFT

-          Mindfulness

-          Sub-conscious awareness

To learn more about this amazing technique and how it can transform your life contact melinda@inspried-eft.com