About Tapping

The term ‘tapping’ comes from a key element of the method; which is the tapping with two fingers on meridian points.

The method presented here, as ‘Inspired EFT’ is a combination of three ancient techniques tapping, subconscious re-patterning and mindfulness.

With all three methods we have the tools to move forward and beyond our issues and even our pain.

How Tapping Works

When we experience an emotional or physical state that we see as a negative, such as anger, fear, frustration, anxiety or pain, our brain goes into an alert mode. It sends a message to our body that we are in danger, and sets off our ‘fight- flight’ response. This means we automatically react in one of three ways:

Fight - stand and fight like hell

Flight - run like hell

Freeze - play dead, be completely still, zone out


All our body’s defence systems are turned on. Our heart starts pumping quickly and our heart rate rises. Our muscles tense and our adrenalin glands become over active, pumping adrenaline through your body. This gives us maximum, intense, short-term energy. This response was critical to the survival of primitive man. People then were often in imminent danger from wild animals and we had not yet developed intellectually and emotionally. Man relied on these primitive responses for survival; they did not have highly evolved intellects to plan and sort ideas.

In modern day lives, most of our days are not spent running from wild animals; however our flight-flight responses are still regularly internally triggered often from our thoughts and memories. Because most of us live 95% of the time in our subconscious, we are easily triggered back into our memories of past experiences, whether good or bad, we are constantly thrown into a flight-flight response mode from just memories. When the fight-flight response is triggered, hormones and adrenalin are released into the blood stream and can be affective for up to 18 minutes and take up to three-four hours to clear.

The subconscious begins to accept that fight-flight responses are the norm. It is wearing for the body to constantly be in this state. It can makes us ill, lead to being overweight or underweight, or addictions to unhealthy activities. In this state we are unable to see the joy in life or feel at peace. In an alert state the ‘amygdala’ (a-mig-du-la), an almond shape set of neurons on either side of the brain, takes over the neocortex, the thinking part of the brain. When this occurs, there is little or no ability to respond with logic, rationale or often, even with speech. This state leads to confusion of the rationale thought process and makes it hard to make a decision, e.g. will I go or will I stay? Simply put, we can’t think or respond effectively. Conditions such as anxiety, autism, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder, phobias, fears, pain, anger and frustration are all thought to be linked to abnormal functioning of the amygdala.

When we are in this state, we are only able to see one or at most two possibilities, and instead we revert to endless and often unwanted past habitual patterns.

Often our beliefs and reactions are based on past experiences due to what is known as operant conditioning (reinforced behaviour). Although we logically realise beliefs and reactions are based on past experiences (conscious and sub-conscious) and current situations may be different, our subconscious beliefs over-ride our logical mind and we respond and believe past consequences e.g. public speaking equals overwhelming embarrassment.

Scientists have known this for years. Without the self-awareness we continue to believe our sub-conscious belief is true and therefore our fight-flight responses are triggered by memories.

As we have explained, subconscious memories, real or not, can trigger the amygdala, which in turn hijacks the neo-cortex (thinking part of the brain). Tapping on the meridian points, turns off this response to this memory and sends calming signals to the body and supports the brain to recognise it is safe.

Tapping is also effective when you are in a stressful situation, or even just recalling a similar experience. Tapping on meridian points will counteract the stress response and re-program the hippocampus. The hippocampus is the area of the brain which compares the past threats with present signals and tells the amygdala that there is no current danger.

The brain’s pathways are not permanent they can be re-organised. You don’t have to stay with your old ways and thoughts; you can change and create peace and health in your life without additional pain and hardship. This is not saying we can change the past, however we can change our reactions to it.

There are many different issues that EFT can help, ease and even release:

Anxiety, fear, worry, stress, addiction, sleeping problems, depression, nightmares, childhood traumas, emotional habits, PMT, physical pain, phobias and post traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD).

When To Tap

We can tap any time or any place we wish to. There are no limits. There is no particular time or way.

Using the sequence shown on this site with some carefully chosen words and phrases is the most effective. In saying that, just tapping on all or any points in any sort of sequence can help bring down a charge any time you are upset or triggered.

A trigger or a charge is a reaction we have to something said or done, or when recalling a painful or scary memory. Being triggered is often referred to as having ‘our buttons pushed’. It’s like having a sensitive spot and when it’s pressed we react like a wounded animal, we lash out or retreat within, and either way, the fight/flight response is switched on.

It is highly recommended to tap immediately after an accident or trauma. Tapping within 24-hours of the event will mean you are less likely to encode the trauma response, therefore heal quicker emotionally, mentally and even physically. You will not have the usual hangovers of nightmares, flashbacks etc.

Tapping is also valuable tool to move life’s situations and patterns such as procrastination, lack of financial abundance, and to support you to fulfil your dreams and goals without doubt, confusion, fear and anxiety.

Tapping as issues arise is an excellent, however also taking 10 minutes to do a tapping round or two in the morning and evening can settle our minds and emotions, direct our intention for the day and to clear away built up stress.