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????????I need to know the surname, suburb and age range of people. For Andrea you provided an age. Must be consistent with all of them. Surname helps to cement credibility and suburb shows your geographical range. Age is optional. I just mentioned it as Andrea’s one had age. They must be succinct as no one will read a large chunk of text.

Here at Inspired EFT we are proud to showcase our testimonials as not only do they give us credibility but also inspire us to carry out our work and help individuals. Have a quick read below:

I wasn't quite sure how 'Tapping' worked exactly until Melinda sat me down and explained it to me. Right away I felt comfortable and relaxed but most importantly I felt safe.I was 'AMAZED' at the immediate relief I felt, especially when other remedies had failed to give me any.It's non-invasive, gentle AND it really works, so why wouldn't you try it.It truly is AMAZING!!!  I believe.️

 Lynette Wolstencroft, suburb and age?

“Working with Melinda has allowed me to really see that I am in control of how I react, how I perceive and respond to my every day life, my goals, my set backs and other people.It’s allowed me to create a deeper sense of softness and compassion, to understand that many of my thoughts are indeed just thoughts and not beliefs. I can use the tapping technique and other techniques to work through issues or personal blockages that arise.”

Andrea surname please ??? plus suburb

“I have been fortunate to have had Melinda Deans Draper introduce her Inspired Emotional Freedom Technique to me 8 years ago. It has been such an amazing experience to be able to alleviate feelings of stress and anxiety that were particularly amplified by the trauma of Black Saturday fires of 2009. As a result of practising the various techniques and exercises I now feel more at peace and empowered knowing I have the tools to address any emotional situation that may arise in my life”

Gay Chatfield, add suburb and age?

“At an incredibly tough time in my life, when I felt lost and hopeless, Melinda shone a light on me that helped me to keep going.She made me realise my self worth, my uniqueness, she revealed my talents and gave me the confidence I had lost. In an ambient, relaxed, clear and warm environment, she taught me insights and coping techniques that I used then and to this day. These techniques and perspectives help me navigate my problems when the world seems hard again. She took me on a path of insight , self awareness and self discovery. She focused 100% on me , and just me.”

Martin Sala - SUBURB?

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