EFT goes back to the 1990’s in America? when Gary Craig, a student of Dr Callahan an American practitioner???, created a single round of tapping on the meridian end points which he termed EFT. Craig wanted a powerful yet accessible technique that was simple and friendly to use to bring about change in one’s emotional state. His technique spread far and wide in a relatively short period of time. EFT is now taught and practised globally.

Dr. Roger Callahan PhD, a clinical psychologist, developed and founded a method of tapping with fingers and the palms on the meridian points on the body long known to Chinese healing practices.

In 1991, Gary Craig became a student of Dr. Roger Callahan (founder of Thought Field Therapy or TFT) and over the next few years he began to devise his own methods dubbed ‘EFT’ which stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques. EFT was developed to be an easier and more encompassing technique that would cover a variety of issues. Where TFT would match match a problem to a tapping sequence, EFT only uses one sequence touches on all the points for every issue. This makes the sequence and treatment easier to learn (which aids self-treatment) and also makes the results more reliable and to easy replicate. By honing the fundamentals of TFT, EFT can be practised by professional facilitators and clients alike which can lead to faster and longer lasting results.

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