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Our Facilitators

Working together toward emotional freedom

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Melinda Deans-Draper

Founder and Director of Inspired EFT

Melinda has had 30 years counselling experience with an Intellectual disabilities nursing background before stepping into the role of Facilitator and Practitioner of Meditation, mindfulness and EFT.
She saw a need to develop a method which supported people to move their issues more quickly and thoroughly and a technique beyond ‘just talk’ therapy.

It also became obvious that people have require assistance between their sessions and even after the work a therapist is complete.
IEFT’s unique style of using/blending a variety of modalities and techniques focuses on the individual client or group in each session thus maximizing effectiveness.

Melinda, offers private counselling sessions over skype and zoom as well as teaching levels 1, level 2, level 3 and Facilitators course and the comprehensive school program on a variety of platforms.


Kerry Wailes

Kerry is a Level 3 Inspired EFT facilitator and trainer. With a background in forest fire-fighting, her training focus is on working with emergency services personnel. Kerry also offers one- on- one Inspired EFT sessions, both in-person and via Skype.


In addition, Kerry is a qualified Yoga Teacher, Massage Therapist and Clinical Aromatherapist. She offers classes, retreats and combined one-on-one sessions in these fields, as well as Inspired EFT. Sessions may be tailored to best serve your requirements.


Kerry has a wealth of experience as a healer, having been a Natural Health therapist for over 20 years. Originally trained as a scientist, Kerry brings her intellectual understanding to this work along with her intuitive abilities.


Gay Chatfield

Gay is a certified Inspired EFT practitioner and trainer.

Through love of children and art I began my life as a Primary Art Teacher in 1979, which spanned over 20 years. Then after completing a 2 year Rudolf Steiner teacher training course in 1998/99 I gave myself the experience in a variety of temporary Steiner teaching positions as well as leading a Steiner playgroup for 6 years. Then took on a part-time teaching role of art and music, in a small local school. Also during this time, I completed my Cert. IV in Disability and did part-time work as a carer.

In Feb. 2009 my life was turned upside down by the Black Saturday fires and with this traumatic event came numerous opportunities to express myself through my own art. Firstly using remnants from my burnt out cottage to then creating random woven pieces from natural plant materials that I had access to at my temporary accommodation.


Karina Barrett

Helping clients overcome fear and self doubt, set meaningful goals and create life on their terms to become the best version of themselves. It is my greatest honour and passion to support women to have a voice and to be heard. I support women to release emotions attached to traumas and who are experiencing any type of challenges in a safe non judgemental space.

I use EFT as my main modality and give women tools to allow them to move forward and live the life they truly desire and deserve allowing them to change their body, mind and soul.


Tony Fitzgerald

My name is Anthony (Tony) Fitzgerald, aged 57, married with two adult children and I am training as an EFT facilitator.

From my late teens, I have been an explorer of the physical landscape, studying science and working in mountain forests, but also the internal landscape, embracing yoga and meditation.

Working in mountain forests has involved me being an emergency services responder to bushfires since 1987. 


On duty during the Black Saturday bushfires, and experiencing the effects of PTSD afterwards-was where I first discovered the benefits of EFT. Effectively, my training as a facilitator started with my recovery and a desire to assist others to live their lives to their fullest potential. When I am not working as a National Park ranger, I can be found surfing the Victorian coast, or bushwalking and camping.


Tamala Ridge

Tamala Ridge is an Intuitive Addiction Specialist and Soul Connection Mentor. After specialising in drug and alcohol counselling for over 10 years, Tamala now supports divine feminine healers and coaches to overcome their own limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging behaviours so that they can build a deeper connection with themselves, others, earth and spirit. She mentors women in the art of Holding Space so that they can do this for others with a higher degree of integrity. She supports her clients to become the observer of their lives so that they can increase their impact and income by stepping into their divine sovereignty.


She now works with additions such as sugar, alcohol, comfort eating, social media, procrastination and self-sabotage. She is passionate about supporting women to clear whatever is standing in the way of achieving their true and divine potential. Tamala uses a combination of detoxing, spiritual companioning, mindfulness and EFT as her own sacred medicine to support her clients and loved ones to remove the veil of fear and mental and emotional toxic overload.


Tamala is an avid #detoxjunkie, a #mindfulnessmavin, and a #tappingtemptress committed to getting high on the sacredness of life. When she is not holding space for her clients – she is playing with her family in the deep southern forests and beaches of Western Australia. She has healed from her own long term addiction to destructive and toxic high’s and lows and she now gets off on the sobriety of her untainted soul.


Clare Foale

I am Clare Foale. I am a writer, an artist, a space holder, Inspired EFT practitioner and teacher, a curiosity-follower and an ocean lover. I am Mum to 3 exquisite humans, wife to a brave man, a daughter and sister and a friend to wonderful folks. I was introduced to tapping about 5 years ago. I was curious but didn't "get" what it was about or how it worked. I have been learning and practising with Melinda for about 3 years. During that time I have come to love tapping for its simplicity, for how powerful it is, for how it brings me back to my body and to be with my emotions. I use tapping each morning and evening, sometimes just for a round or two. It helps me to stay calmer, to tap into my creativity, to be aware of what is going on in my mind and body. I love sharing Inspired EFT in my 1:1 tapping sessions and woven into my 1:1 Circle doula and Companioning Conversations sessions. I teach level 1 and 2 Inspired EFT in small learning Circles. I am also looking forward to combining tapping with my card deck, SPACIOUS, which I created to help us holding space for self and others. I would love to come together with you to hold space and tap with you if you.


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