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Koola the Koala



Koola the Koala

Koola is a very cuddly koala and he also has some special spots that show kids where the tapping spots are. This beautiful handmade koala has been specially designed to help kids with the tapping rounds and also provide comfort in times of anxiety and stress.

Hi I’m Koola Koala, I love cuddles and Tapping.


I have lots of fun hanging out and playing with my friends from the Australian bush.


A while ago I did have a really bad time when a bushfire came through my land and burnt down my trees, which I live in, suddenly I had no home.


I was extremely sad and very scared.


Fortunately for me some kind Human carers found me and cared for my burnt paws, feed me and nursed back to health.


Not only that but they showed me something so cool called Tapping and it truly helped me feel so much calmer and safer.


I still feel sad sometimes and miss my beautiful big trees and amazing bush, and I even cry but I don’t feel so frightened, angry or jittery.


Now I sleep well again, and I can easily focus on my games and learning.


I would like to show you how to Tap and even if you start to TAP on me on the special points on my head, hands and body you will start to feel a bit better.


Plus it feels fantastic for me to, I just love Tapping.


I certainly want to show you how to Tap, it’s very easy.


I hope I see you real soon, love Koola xx



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