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EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique is a simple yet life-changing technique that you can learn in minutes.

Are you ready to experience true emotional freedom?

Are you experiencing ‘blockages’ that prevent you from fully moving forward in life? Are you ready to empower your life?

Inspired EFT

The pinnacle of Energy Psychology

We have created a focus on the following three methods: EFT, Mindfulness, Sub-conscious awareness

Why Inspired EFT was created?

Emotional Freedom Technique, or 'EFT' for short, is a combination of Western psychotherapy and ancient Eastern wisdom. Healing and helping people means you are always learning and developing how to help people more effectively and more personally.


Over the last 30 years in professional practice, Melinda Deans-Draper has developed a powerful version of tapping she calls ‘Inspired EFT’.


Melinda's unique methods are based on Gary Craig’s EFT however, she utilises additional and specialised modalities like guided meditation, teaching, counselling and mindfulness.


The addition of these modalities means a more wholistic approach and thus can improve effectiveness.

Quick stress relief exercises! 

Our Facilitators are EFTi Accredited Certified EFT Trainer
and Practitioner


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Tap your way to better health!

You can literally ‘tap your way’ to better health through EFT. Working on the emotional level manifests on the physical level. These are just some of the conditions it can assist with:


Anxiety & Depression

Life stresses

Feeling Lost





It truly is AMAZING!!!

I wasn't quite sure how 'Tapping' worked exactly until Melinda sat me down and explained it to me. Right away I felt comfortable and relaxed but most importantly I felt safe.

I was 'AMAZED' at the immediate relief I felt, especially when other remedies had failed to give me any. It's non-invasive, gentle AND it really works, so why wouldn't you try it. It truly is AMAZING!!!  I believe.

- Lynette

I am so grateful

I am so grateful to have received the gifts of Tapping, mindfulness and subconscious re-patterning from Melinda. These techniques have helped me and my family enormously in our recovery from the trauma of losing our house and many friends and neighbours in the Black Saturday bushfires in Victoria in February, 2009. Beyond that, these techniques have facilitated a life-changing journey of recognising subconscious beliefs that no longer serve me and shifting them where I choose. I now use my knowledge of these things to assist others in my healing practice, also.

- Kerry

Life changing

Since starting EFT practice, I have become a calmer, more positive person. My head used to be filled with endless 'negative', self-denigrating noise. I can assure you that constantly putting myself down was getting tiresome and my family life was suffering. I now enjoy a joyous and loving relationship with my partner and children and feel invigorated by the 'free space' in my thought patterns - space I fill with interesting, positive thoughts and goals. I have used the techniques to heal my physical body also. Life changing.

- Dave


“Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success.”

Henry Ford