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The Journey to Peace

As the sunset on another action packed day full of internet drop outs, phone hiccups, cows escaping out to the creek and resulting in water laden gumboots and scratched arms for us mere humans. The day rolled on, wiping tears away from well-worn faces of those doing it hard and turning up on my doorstep for a good cup of tea, homemade bickies, a chat and “please do that Tapping thing “. The Tapping ‘thing’ would ease the anxiety and allow their brain and mind to formulate a sensible and safe plan for permately putting a roof over their head. The cup of tea would warm their heart and belly.

I suddenly stopped and realized, as if looking into someone else’s

Life, that ‘that feeling’ was absent. It was gone. I couldn’t find it anywhere.

No more blender in the belly and heart beating out of my chest, vanished had the sweaty hands and headaches.

I felt tired and saddened from hearing the stories and humored by the cows, but no frustration, no anger, no overwhelm and definitely no triggers.

I was free. I felt at peace and healed.

I reflected then celebrated that all my Tapping, meditating and being mindful to my triggers and unserving habits had paid off, big time.

I saw by healing my body, heart and mind it allowed me to hold a space for others to be who they chose and to begin to heal.


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