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Maintaining our self-care practices

The importance of practices can not be expressed strongly enough. Daily routines help settle and align us for the day or for a peaceful nights sleep. Some suggestions for a daily practice would be to commence from the moment you open your eyes. 

Just dropping into how you are feeling, taking a deep breath and giving your self space to settle. A round of tapping on any sort of thought and/or emotion that might not be serving you to create a peaceful and loving day and version of yourself.

Rising and doing some light and easeful stretching poses.

3 - 20 minute meditation, focused on how you want to feel and think.

Neuroscientists have now published a lot of documentation on how regular and repeated thoughts and actions create neural pathways in the brain which in turn create unconscious actions as a part of our life, for good or bad.

Lets empower our lives, health and relationships to make decisions for freedom in all these areas and others, by using simple daily practices


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